Wednesday, May 11, 2011


“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future” -Prov. 31:25

Dads, this one is for you. In case you’ve been really busy, Mother’s day was last Sunday. If you missed it, I’d recommend flowers, cash and prayer. If you remembered, I have a thought. As far as I’m concerned, Mother’s day should be celebrated every day. No one is more deserving of recognition than the committed, tireless mothers of the world that sacrificially give of themselves day in and day out. We need to teach our kids to honor and love their moms every day.

Moms need to be thanked for their time. They give up so much to unselfishly serve their kids. When the baby monitor sounds it’s alarm, moms go to their kids, no matter the hour, what TV show is on or whatever activity they’re doing. And so much of the time they give is unnoticed. The countless hours of prayer and preparation to take care of their kids paves the foundation for kid’s lives.

Moms need to be thanked for their provision. From meal after meal to bath after bath, moms work hard to provide whatever is needed for their kids. Forgotten homework magically appears at the school office; the shirt needed for church just happens to be ironed and ready to wear. Most of all, moms provide love. Moms are there to ease the hurt, mend the “ouchie” and bring the relief that every child needs.

Moms need to be thanked for their optimism. When kids have lost all hope, moms provide hope. When the grade was the worst, moms see the best. When the break up happens, moms help put the pieces back together. When the job is lost, moms remind their kids of God’s hope. They simply see the best when kids see the worst. “Mom, this dress looks terrible on me,” the daughter exclaims. “Sweetie, don't worry about the dress, because you look beautiful,” said mom. “Mom, I’m nervous about starting in the game tomorrow night,” says the son. “Buddy, you just do your best. That’s all that matters,” replies mom.

Moms need to be thanked for their healing touch. Most don't have any education in medicine or counseling, but are true professionals in the healing arts. They reinforce the theory that love is more powerful than college degrees. They provide the warm washcloth on the forehead and that special hug at just the right time. They can correctly diagnose an illness by that look in the eyes or that skin color.

Moms need to be to be thanked for their laugh. Moms bring humor into situations that seemingly have no room for laughter. But moms recognize that how we view most situations is relative to our perspective. Most stressful situations could be a lot worse and with a little patience and levity, they seem so much better after that talk with mom.

Moms need to be thanked for their honesty. Sometimes, as in any relationship that means anything, we get angry with our parents. Moms especially can push just the right buttons to drive us crazy. But the truth is, the buttons they press need to be pushed. They tell us and remind us of realities that we have hidden from ourselves. “If you don’t study for that test, you’re going to fail,” says mom. Aggravated, we reply, “I know!” We’re angry because we know she’s exactly right. Moms aren't afraid to point out what we need to hear and that’s a good thing.

Moms need to be thanked for their faith. They can be the best vehicle God uses to usher us to faith in Jesus. Seeing our mom’s earnest effort to know God and commit us before God sets the stage for our own faith in Christ. Sometimes we claim we’re tired of all the “religious stuff,” but mom’s faith sets the stage for our own relationship with a loving Father one day.

Thank you mom, Granny, Jeanie, Elizabeth, and all you other moms, for your examples of love and faith. Your love for your kids is a beautiful example. Dads, don’t ever back off of the effort to teach the kids to respect, love and admire their moms. Push that message every single day.

Even if you missed Mother’s Day.

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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