Sunday, April 1, 2012


“By their own devices they will fall, for they are rebellious against You” -Psa. 5:10

There must be more devices on the face of earth today than there have ever been in the history of mankind! There are medical gadgets to relieve just about every ailment, communication gadgets to help us connect to just about anyone, and there are even gadgets to help the gadgets work better.

But there are other devices that are not electronic or mechanical. They are the devices that we have set up in our souls to navigate through this thing called life. They are substitutes for God that we use to bring meaning and purpose to our lives. And as convinced as we are that they work, they malfunction every time. Be warned that device use begins early. It’s seems the longer a person uses a particular gadget, the less willing he is to give it up.

The toolbox of these devices is varied and creative:

Money. There is nothing wrong with money, but the “love” of money is a problem. When we fall in love with the gadget called money, we’re signing up for frustration every time. Whether we have a lot or not enough, it’s like trying to grab water. It’s illusive and never ends. “How much money is enough? A little bit more.”

Health. Like money, being healthy is a good thing. We need to keep ourselves fit. But when being healthy becomes our purpose in life, it’s an ineffective device. Why? Because, in the end, this “earth suit” we’re wearing around wears out. Our health is fragile, unpredictable and temporary. I was in a running store today. You know, those stores dedicated solely to the sport of running? On the rack were a zillion different types of running shoes alone. I remember when I was in high school there were just a couple of choices. Why? People are worshipping their bodies these days. Again, running is a blast (I try to run a few miles everyday). But if running because my purpose in life, I’m in trouble.

Sports. This is a weird one because sports are awesome and teach great value lessons. But again, when sports become a substitute for God, then it’s a problem. History records that towards the end of the great Roman Empire, sport became an obsession for the Romans. Sports were a great distraction away from the devalued and degradated society. Sound familiar? In case you’re wondering, check out the channel menu on your cable. There are at least 10 sports channels available 24-7. Again, nothing wrong with sports, but when it becomes our device to live life, we’re in trouble.

Performance. Most of our society is holding this device in their hands right now. Most people look for their significance and purpose through what they do. When asked, “What do you do?” Most people respond with their job title. Very few people respond with, “Oh, I’m a dad, a friend, a husband, and, oh yeah, I work at the business.” Why? Because we define ourselves by our profession. When our gadget for life is our job, we set ourselves up for a performance-oriented frustration. The god called work leads most to a daily grind that doesn't satisfy.

But there’s another gadget called God. Of course He’s much more than a device- He is the almighty and everlasting God of the universe. It’s why the Psalmist implied that being rebellious against God leads to faulty devices. God, through His Son, Jesus, provides the only true meaning in life. A relationship with God brings the foundation and meaning that every God-created human desires.

So, use that smart phone and keep exercising, but don't let those devices run your life. Keep them all in their place and let God be your God.

You’ll find it’s a device that never loses power!

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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