Wednesday, July 7, 2010


“A friend loves at all times, and a [sister] is born for adversity” - Prov. 17:17

My wife Jeanie and her sister Holly are not only loving sisters, but they’re best friends too. Though they are a few years apart, they are true kindred spirits. So it’s no surprise that their families would grow up being friends too. The Staples’ and Hallums have been going on ski, beach and whatever trips for over 20 years. What Jeanie and Holly possess has been passed on to their kids. The cousins simply imitate the love they’ve seen in their moms for years.

They imitate humor. There is absolutely no one in this world that can get Jeanie laughing like her sister Holly. From another room I can hear Jeanie and Holly laughing till they cry and then scurrying to the bathroom to keep from, well, embarrassing themselves. They both bring laughter to life and are good reminders that as serious as life can be, there is always a place for humor.

They imitate compassion. When difficulty strikes, their first calls are to each other for comfort, advice and tears. They lean on each other and bear one another’s burdens. They genuinely look out for each other’s needs over their own and are not shy to tell the truth to one another. In the end, through the tears and the pain, they are there for each other.

They imitate family. As with any family, the Beadle family is not perfect. But in spite of the imperfection, the sisters make a choice to love. And they put that love into action. Though God is number one in their lives, the love of grandparents, mom and dad and the brothers has always been a top priority. And they are phenomenal mothers to their kids. Their kids are their number one priority, and though it makes empty nesting difficult, they love their kids deeply.

They imitate faith. Jeanie and Holly both love the Lord Jesus Christ and have acknowledged Him as their Savior and Lord. They have not been shy in teaching their kids that a life with Jesus is a life of true freedom. All their kids have professed Jesus as their Savior. Though none are perfect, they all have a solid faith. The sisters spend regular time in God’s Word and in prayer and live out the example of being Godly women for all to see.

They imitate beauty. Not only are Holly and Jeanie beautiful physically, but more importantly they are beautiful on the inside. The integrity and grace they possess is lived out through their daily actions and choices. They are examples of class and poise as they go through the day. They make choices to love and serve and provide for those less fortunate. They love little gymnasts and help handicap kids. They possess the greatest beauty of all in a submissive spirit before their Lord.

Someone said, “A true sister is one who listens with her heart.” Holly and Jeanie are certainly true sisters and their example has produced a strength of family in their kids. Of course, we all are an example of something in the eyes of our children.

I wonder what example we will leave behind today?

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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