Monday, March 12, 2012


“A wise wife is from the Lord…”-Prv. 19:14

Our loving God loves surprises. He is into revealing Himself through the unpredictable and the sooner we teach our kids about that mystery of God the better. Of course, we have to grasp that reality ourselves first. For you O.C.D. types like me, there is usually a clash between our organized predictable world and God’s plan. Why? Because He wants us depending on Him more than our to-do list. And His plans are always better. Thirty two years ago, God’s plan proved Himself wise once again.

I had just graduated from Baylor and was unsure of my future. I did know I’d be working at a camp in the Missouri Ozarks for the summer. I showed up for camp and was sitting in the gym watching the girl counselors shuffle in, when in stepped the cutest girl I’d ever seen. But I figured she was out of my league. As the Camp Director introduced her, he explained she’d been on the ‘76 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team, was a National Champion and an All-American. “Done”, I thought, “time to move on to the next girl.”

I was intimidated for sure. I’d pursued relationships before, all which seemed to never work out. But, this cute girl named Jeanie was on my heart. I gave it over to God and pursued her that summer. Long story very short, God worked in her heart too, and the next Spring we were married. Crazy. Unpredictable. But so much like God.

This past week, Jeanie and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. I am easily the most blessed man on the face of the earth. God has gifted us with two wonderful children and an adorable grandchild. Jeanie is simply too good to be true in my life and God has used her in remarkable ways to spur me on.

She has been my believer. During numerous stormy season of my life, she has been there to see me as more than I saw myself. During those seasons, she didn't focus on herself, but focused on me. She reminds me of God’s plan and, though the plan may look impossible, “He would always prove faithful.”

She has been my encourager. When my words to myself are negative, her words are positive. She gives me that extra hug or kiss when I need it the most. She has a timely verse or thought that is exactly the word I need at the moment.

She has been my provider. Yep. I know husbands are supposed to be the wife’s provider and I do bring home most of the money we need, but she provides much more than cash. She provides a home that is secure and safe. She provides a beauty that keeps our home fresh and alive. And she provides a charm that excites me to see her everyday.

She is my sister. Though we’re husband and wife, we are brother and sister in the Lord. We share a mutual faith that brings us before our precious Lord over and over and over. I have grown in my faith because of Jeanie’s example and diligence to know Christ.

And she is my friend. In the end, she is the one I can count on the most to always be there for me. She’s the “friend that sticks closer than a brother” and will never leave my side.

Yep, God loves surprises. And He still surprises me with the gift named Jeanie every morning I awake.

I’ll yield my Dayplanner to that plan any day.

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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