Friday, May 28, 2010


“But where can wisdom be found? Pure gold cannot be given in exchange for it, gold or glass cannot equal it, nor can it be exchanged for articles of fine gold” -Job 28:17

We often hear, “that kind of wisdom is as good as gold.” The very best wisdom is even better than gold. I read the other day that one gold field in South Africa alone has produced 49.4 million ounces of gold. Using an average of $395 per ounce as an example, that represents a gold mine of over $19 billion.

Imparting wisdom to teenagers is important. No one denies that part of our responsibility as parents is to teach and instruct our teenagers. Parents have lived a lot of life and learned a lot of lessons. As a child, parental wisdom is sometimes hard to understand. As a teenager, we’re convinced we have all the wisdom we need. And as an adult, we mostly crave any wisdom our parents are willing to give us.

I remember asking my dad some future questions when I was finishing my college degree and unsure of what direction to go. I asked him his advice. He said, “Joey, I think you’ll do well wherever you go.” Not exactly the answer I was wanting. I was counting on him to choose my profession. But there was wisdom in his answer. It wasn’t about how I’d make a living, but about me being Joey. It was my decision to make, not his to provide.

But there is parenting wisdom that we don't withhold from our kids. We provide precious wisdom when we empathize with our kids and bring focus to life issues that our teen is crying out for help to solve. “Mom, I’m terrible with relationships. I just don't get it,” your daughter cries. You reply, “Well honey, let me tell you about a couple of boyfriends I had back in the day and what I learned from those relationships.” That kind of wisdom is as good as gold to your teen. Seeing that you can relate to her not only provides wise words but provides life wisdom.

There is another kind of wisdom and it’s worth much more than anything we or this world can provide. It’s the wisdom of God. It’s the wisdom found in the Word of God, found in God’s truth spoken through other believers and found in the Holy Spirit’s words through prayer. I can remind someone to be a good listener, but when I remind someone of James 1:19, to “be quick to listen, and slow to speak” it carries a different weight. Not that there’s something mystical about the words, but the foundation behind the words adds weight to it’s meaning. We show wisdom as parents when we usher our kids to God’s wisdom. And, of course, we usher advice the best when we’re living out the example of following God’s wisdom ourselves.

Help create wisdom in your teenager by sharing life lessons when you can. But remember, you’ll help them the most when you lead them to the definition of wisdom- God Himself.

No amount of gold rivals God’s loving and peaceful wisdom.

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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