Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

“A godly mother’s… children rise up and bless her” –Proverbs 31:28

“Happy mothers day” to all you wonderful moms. I especially want to say happy mothers day to Mildred, my mom, to Jeanie, my children’s mom and to Elizabeth, my granddaughter’s mom. All you mothers do so much more than anyone even realizes and your faithfulness to your children is so pleasing to the Lord. Because you are willing to stand up for us as you stand before the Lord, we are better because of you. Here’s what I see in you as moms:

I see mothers of prayer. You are moms that seek direction from the Lord. You are Proverbs 31 women that go to the Lord asking for advice and counsel. You’ve learned that unless the Lord is doing the parenting through you, your parenting is incomplete. You have made petition for your kids countless times that He might be a loving Father to your kids. You’ve asked that the Lord would discipline your kids so they would grow, but that He would be kind and gentle with your babies. You simply are Godly women,

I see mothers that are patient. You recognize that growing takes time. When there are opportunities to push or expect, you have caught yourself and paused with a smile to say, “it will all work out- give it time.” When the pace of the household is running on fast forward, you have led the movement to slow things down. You have brought a beautiful pace to the family.

I see mothers that bring hope. It’s not an easy job growing up. Kids need the hope that a mother brings in the midst of difficulty. Throughout my life, my mom has always been there for me. Through defeat in sports, to struggling dating relationships through the teenage years, to my father passing away, she’s always been there as an encourager. I heard her encouraging words a few months ago when Elizabeth was about to have our granddaughter “turned” in the womb before the delivery. I think she sensed the concern in my voice because moms seem to have that kind of “emotion sensing” radar. She said (with her Georgia southern drawl), “Joey, it’ll all work out fine. It’ll all be fine. When I was a nurse, those procedures usually went well. She’ll be fine.” It was the encouragement I needed. You moms bring hope when we need it the most.

And lastly, I see moms that simply love. The 1st Corinthians list of love attributes fits you mothers well. You love well because you’ve allowed the Lord to love through you. You loved us in tough ways when we needed a spanking and you loved us in gentle ways when we just needed to cry on your shoulder. I’ll never forget those beautiful pictures of Eric or Elizabeth in Jeanie’s lap, head on her shoulder, and the tears flowing over a hurt or rejection. They needed their mom and mom was always there.

Moms, have a great mother’s day. May God bless you and honor you for your years of love. Thank you for helping us through our lives and for always being there for us.

We (all us kids) love you

By Joseph Staples ©

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