Saturday, May 22, 2010


“Then Jesus said to His disciples…follow me” –Matt. 16:24

Navigating the ocean called parenthood is tough. Sometimes the waters are calm, but most of the time the waters are pretty rough. As we sail along, we all want to be sure we’re making the right decisions for our precious kids. We make small decisions and huge decisions every day.

I have never seen the television show Parenthood, but I doubt there’s any way a show on TV can truly capture the adventure and challenge of parenting. What most entertainment about parenting misses is the genuine concern and love that we as parents have for our kids. But it’s so easy to lose perspective when we’re in the middle of all the detail.

I’ve been in Kansas City the past few days. I was following a friend who lives here to dinner and another friend in my car said, “Do we know where we’re going?” I said, “No, but our buddy in front of us knows exactly where we’re going- we just have to keep up with him.” The friend and I looked at each other. It was one of the times when you’ve said a lot more than you realize.

Parenting is like that. Sure, there is a human element to all the decision-making and responsibility. But we don't have to figure it all out. Out prayerful role, as parents, is to follow the one who knows where He’s taking us. We may not like the pace or the direction, but our loving God does not require a map or a GPS. He is a Master navigator and if we choose to stay behind Him, the ride will be okay. Not necessarily easy, but okay.

Last week, when I was flying back from Fort Worth, I looked out of the window of the American Airlines jet and the cloud canopy was so beautiful. I took the picture attached, but it doesn't do justice to how beautifully God had arranged His clouds. As I looked down at the serenity and peaceful scene, it occurred to me that things might not be so peaceful on the other side. I remembered that I was flying over Oklahoma and Arkansas and that they were supposed to be getting thunderstorms. Calm on my side but rough on the other side. It’s all about perspective- all about which side of the clouds we’re on.

As a parent, do I choose to be under the clouds or over the clouds? A wife asked her husband, “How are you doing?” The husband replied, “Oh, okay under the circumstances.” The wife replied, “What are you doing under there?” As a parent, be sure you stay above the clouds. Not only is it more beautiful but the perspective is so much bigger and wider.

So, slow down your vehicle and get back in the right lane behind the loving God that knows what He’s doing and has the highest perceptive. Make the “no passing zone” apply to every moment of your life as you stay above the clouds, loving and nurturing your precious teenagers.

By Eric Joseph Staples ©

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