Friday, April 23, 2010

Reese, part 2: Coming home

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." –John 14:2

Reese is in the HOUSE! She got to leave the hospital. Around noon on Wednesday, the doctors all gave the OK to Mark and Elizabeth to get to bring Reese home. And what a homecoming it was!

For weeks, months really, the nursery and home have been being prepared. Since they found out Reese would be a girl a 4 months ago, everything has turned a beautiful pink. The home has been filled with baby toys, swings, and strollers. And I’m not even to the nursery yet! The nursery is filled with collages with Reese’s name on them, an awesome crib and an armoire filled with lots of baby clothes. It easily wins “nursery of the year.” The room had been carefully prepared for Reese’s arrival.

Someone else is preparing a special place for us. Better yet, someone else has already prepared an awesome place for us. Certainly, Heaven is a real place. We’re only passing through this world to ultimately go home to live for eternity with our loving Heavenly Father. Just imagine what that homecoming will be like as we pass from this life to the next.

The added blessing is that we can experience His blessing today before we enter Heaven. Through the Holy Spirit we can have “Heaven on earth” as we live in fellowship with our Lord. And of course, our loving Lord is preparing us to be ready for Heaven as we are on earth.

So, Reese is home and cozy in the loving arms of a mom and dad that love her dearly and grandparents that love her too. No doubt, one of God’s intentions in inventing the family was to be an illustration of His Fathership and care for His children and the security that comes with living in His house.

How secure is your home these days? Is it a safe, secure, growing place for your teens? Start by slowing down that crazy pace. Maybe have a meal at the dining room table (it’s that table with all the stuff on it), turn off the TV (yes, it has an "off" button) and, as a parent, let God use you as an instrument to provide His peace to His children. Make the changes necessary and your teens won't be the only ones experiencing a peaceful home- you will too.

Reese’s nursery is a wonderful, secure place for her to rest. Let your home be the same “Heaven on earth” for your family.

By Joseph Staples ©

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